Another video on goanimate-obesity

Check it out!

Fiona is trying to help her friend Susan eat healthier. Will Susan listen? Find out at

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Check This Out!


Today we made a video on Check it out! 

Peer Pressure: Shindel Thomas

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What I learned today at Mentoring in Medicine.

Today was a very exciting day for me! I learned so much!

Today we learned:

How to make a blog on WordPress

How to make a video on GoAnimate

What we are going to be learning during our time at MIM (Mentoring in Medicine)

What science careers there are

How to use the different tools on wordpress

I cannot wait until class starts again tomorrow 🙂 !

BY: Shindel


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I am learning how to use WordPress

I love this! It was difficult at first but I got the hang of it! So much Fun!

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