What we learned today at MIM

Today at MIM we learned about the different parts of the body system (shown in the previous blog :)), how to speak like a medical professional (learn more at  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/medicalwords.html) and also we met some very amazing doctors who told us about their experience of being a medical professional, and before they were a medical professional. The people we met today included Dr. Victor from Nigeria, Dr. Holden, Dr. Andrew and Dr. Lisa Cabrera. ( Who showed us some very…. uh let’s just say GRUESOME pictures of different diseases that you would see on a rather normal day at the hospital ) Also we found out something VERY exciting! We are going to make a dance video!!! The whole purpose of this exercise is to show what dance we would do after we find out that we got accepted into the career that we love (for example me, a pediatrician :)Don’t worry, I’ll post the video on my blog! Also we got to see some rapping teachers! SAY WHAAAAT! These teachers were thebomb.com!  I mean they were rapping about science! Isn’t that cool? Overall I had an AWESOME day at MIM Summer Camp! Can’t wait ’till the next class!

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